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Virtual CFO Services

Packages starts from Rs. 50,000/- pm*
Start-ups business Rs. 50,000/- pm,
Small Business Rs. 100,000/-pm,
Mid Coroporate - Rs. 150,000/- pm

DB-ERP (cloud-ERP) free subscription

Engage an experienced CFO from your industry
at affordable cost

Over the past 10 years, our team has been continuously working with owner driven family businessses in varied industries; converting them into proffessionaly run businesses, simplifying financial analysis and decision making, maximizing profitability, overcome financial challenges, and prepare for IPO.


With years of experience and the right skill set, our virtual CFOs help take your business to the next level.

“Chief Finance Officer is a person who makes strategies and implement them, but not a person who indulged in accounts and tax compliances only.”

Issues in small mid sized businesses

•Lack of defined strategy or road map

•Highly dependent on 1-2 key person


•Inadequate risk management system and control


•Decision making done more on gut/ad-hoc (without analysis/evaluation/cost benefit)


•Unstructured; Organization are continuously in crisis management mode


•Lack of Optimum utilization of available resources


•Diversification at early stage leading to shortage of resources


•Over leveraged; too much dependent on Debt

•Prioritization against Organisation objectives

•Lack/low understanding on Accounts – Tax – Finances – Legal and commercial capability within the Organisation.

Railway Tracks

all roadblocks for business growth shall be cleared by a CFO;

if the CFO enter at the
right stage  in an organization

along with
openness of management

to take right and
tough calls 

navigate the organization

as per business plans and


CFO DESK report

A Quarterly report produced by CFO Desk team showing 

  1. Long term strategies

  2. Profitability statements Review

  3. Funding Strategies 

  4. Enterprise Valuation

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